If you will be going on a vacation this year, you might want to consider traveling to the country of Portugal. It is located adjacent to the country of Spain, and has a reputation for being a fun filled place to visit. It has quite a bit of history including stories of invasions by the Celtics and Phoenicians, and even the Romans, but today the country is much more civil and modern. If you would like to visit Portugal with your kids in 2016, here are a few things that you might want to consider doing in this beautiful country that so many love to visit.

An Overview Of Portugal

This is a southern European country, one that is located adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, on the Iberian Peninsula. It is very close to Spain, so you can also head over to this country once you are done experiencing all of the wonders that Portugal has to offer. Celso de Lemos is a company you might have heard of. They are the creators of Abyss & Habidecor, among many other high-end brands. Portugal is known for certain types of food including salt cod, as well as their world-renowned grilled sardines which is a national dish. They also have beautiful beaches that people enjoy, and even have vacation rentals on, that they return to year after year on the Mediterranean.

What Adults Can Do In Portugal?

There are several things that you can do if you are an adult when you go to Portugal including visit the Douro which is located on the Iberian Peninsula, one of the major rivers. Once there, you can visit the Douro Valley which is well known for its beautiful landscapes, and the wine that is produced, a perfect place to visit for adults that are wine connoisseurs. Additional places that you can visit include the Pena Palace, or maybe you would like to visit a castle that was occupied by the Moors called Sao Jorge Castle. In fact, your children may actually love to visit this Castle because of how beautiful it is, but there are other places that children can go.

What Can Kids Do in Portugal?

Some of the top places for children to go when they are at Portugal include the Zoo Marine which is a place where kids can enjoy the water. They can also take advantage of the many animals that are there, and have a great time with either family or friends that you have brought along. You can also take them on a walk along the beautiful countryside, looking at the landscapes that have made Portugal famous. Best of all, the beautiful beaches are there for everyone to enjoy, and the warm Mediterranean waters will be absolutely perfect for children of all ages. Be sure to spend a little time on the Algarve beaches, go to Monsaraz, or take one of the canal trips in Aveiro. All of these destinations will be kid friendly, allowing them to enjoy their time with you in this beautiful Mediterranean country.

Once you have arrived in Portugal, you will likely find many places that all of you can enjoy. It is one of those locations that many people do not visit during their lives, but once they do, they will want to visit on a regular basis. Whether you take your kids to see the beautiful cities, ancient castles, or the small towns that are scattered throughout the country, they will always have something fun to do that you can all do together, while you are spending time in Portugal.